Entry for December 10, 2005 part 2

IBM offers its employees a nice way to thank each other for assistance on the job, called, not surprisingly, the “IBM Thanks” program :-). Recipients get to choose an item from an extensive catalog. In one day, I had two of my fellow employees give me a “thanks” award. Of course, I am only two happy to help anyone, but I don’t mind choosing items from the catalog, either :-). I chose a jacket and a battery-operated clock radio.

Bonnie’s daughters have had a lot of problems with cysts on their backs and other areas. One of the twins had surgery recently to remove several of them. So far, the doctors have been unable to determine why this is such a problem for them. The doctor who did the surgery has determined that a rare kind of staph infection may be the culprit. If so, there may be something that can be done to reduce or eliminate the occurences of these cysts.


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