Entry for January 30, 2006

Quite an active weekend for me. We had unseasonably warm weather for most of it, although there was some rain and clouds.

On Friday night, I operated for about 3 hours in a Morse Code contest on the 160-meter band. This band requires a large antenna, which is difficult to have on a small lot. But I did manage to make several contacts. DD6VSF and I agreed to each operate 3 hours then compare scores. I had over 4000 points to his 810. Better luck next time, Sven ;-).

The Blue Jackets fell behind Minnesota 3-1 on Friday night, but came back to win 4-3. I watched the game on tape on Saturday morning. On Saturday night, Columbus beat the Predators by the same score.

Bonnie’s church had a fish fry Saturday night, so I went to Shelby County for that. On Sunday morning we drove to Louisville for a new car show. Always lots of fun to see a lot of different vehicles up close and personal, especially since I will never own 99% of them. We had fun looking at expensive vehicles like Hummers, but also had a chance to see cars that we would strongly consider owning.

Sunday afternoon we took Bonnie’s twin daughters and their boyfriends to Kingfish for a meal.

So, I used a tank of gas in the Lumina, but it was a great weekend. Band conditions were not great but they weren’t too bad either, and I had some nice ham radio chats while driving.


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