Louis Rukeyser, RIP

This past weekend was a fairly wet one for us in central Kentucky. I had just a bit of outside stuff to do. Fortunately, I got it done late Sunday morning before the rains came.

Last Thursday was beautiful however, and I joined a work-associate of mine at the Keeneland race track. It had been years since I had been there. I had a net loss of $9, but my friend made a ton of money, and I learned a lot about horse handicapping from him. With sunny skies and a temperature of about 68, it was an ideal time to get away from work for awhile.

With as much financial journalism as is available today, it might be easy to forget that at one time, there was very little radio and TV programming related to the stock market. Louis Rukeyser was one of the pioneers who changed that. He knew he had to make investing interesting and fun to make people tune in to his Friday night show, hence the “puns” he was famous for. I watched pretty much every week for years starting in the late 70s, and learned a lot that helped me as a novice investor. Lou, we won’t forget ya’ anytime soon.


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