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Entry for November 30, 2006

November 30, 2006

A lot of my fellow hams have asked me through the years if I am on EchoLink. EchoLink is a system that allows hams to communicate entirely or partially over the Internet.

An EchoLink node has been installed on my favorite local repeater (444.125+). The node number is 319220. You may catch me there at various random times, but it would be better if you let me know that you want to work me so we can set up a sked. I do NOT have EchoLink installed on my own computer, but will work EchoLink callers via the repeater.

Ohio State played extremely well last night but lost at North Carolina 98-89. Both teams are Final Four calibre. Of course, our best player is recovering from a wrist injury, and won’t be available for a few more weeks.

Been kind of a rough week here health-wise. My sinuses were killing me Monday, but were OK by Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon and evening I developed flu-like symptoms, and stayed home from work on Wednesday. I worked today, but am still not completely over whatever I had.

It is just about 7 PM here, and time for a regular schedule I have on or near 3846. So, I will finish this and go do that.

Entry for November 27, 2006

November 27, 2006

I hope everyone out there had a good Thanksgiving. We’ve had several days in-a-row of sunny and warm weather. I washed and waxed three cars during the four days I was off. I also had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Bonnie and her family. Bonnie’s daughters sponsored a picture-taking session after dinner. Hopefully I will have some nice pictures soon.

In football, Kentucky gave Tennessee a close game but lost 17-12. Florida’s win over Florida State and USC’s win over Notre Dame on Saturday have big implications for the national championship picture.

The Blue Jackets’ new coach Ken Hitchcock won his first game behind the Columbus bench Saturday night, ending a long losing streak. The Jackets will have to get hot soon to have any hope of getting back into the playoff race.

Ohio State will have a big basketball game Wednesday night at North Carolina. The game will be on ESPN. Kentucky won only one of three games in Maui, and also play North Carolina this week, on Saturday.

I worked some new countries on 80 and 40 meters last night, during the CQ Worldwide CW contest. I did not enter the contest attempting to make as many contacts as possible, but rather, listened for countries I needed and tried to work them.

Entry for November 21, 2006

November 21, 2006

It’s a pretty exciting time to be an Ohio State fan. After beating Michigan on Saturday, 42-39, the Buckeyes will play in the national championship game on January 8. The opponent will be one of several teams out there with one loss. Could be Michigan. It would be tough to beat them a second time.

Kentucky had what appeared to be an easy game against Louisiana-Monroe, but ended up only winning by two points. The Cats are 7-4 and appear to be headed to a minor bowl. Archrival Tennessee is up next on the schedule.

The OSU men’s and women’s basketball teams are still unbeaten after their first few games. Both are ranked in the top ten in wire-service polls. The Kentucky men are currently unbeaten but will have a tough test tonight in Maui against UCLA.

The Blue Jackets are flat on their back, having lost six in a row. But interviews are in progress with candidates for the head coaching job. An announcement could come this week.

I have gotten back into Broadcast Band DXing a little bit, and logged three new stations Sunday night: CKGM in Montreal, CBW in Winnipeg, and KWKH in Shreveport, Louisiana.

I hope everyone reading this has a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be breaking bread with Bonnie’s family on Thursday.


November 17, 2006

Big game in Ohio Stadium tomorrow. Michigan-Ohio State is always a huge game, but this year the teams are ranked first and second in the country. 3:30 ET on ABC.

We had a nice visit to Ohio last weekend for DJ’s birthday. But, we learned that my 16-year-old nephew has had some problems with blackouts, forgetfulness, dizzy spells, etc. They are still running tests to determine what to do. Poor kid just got his driver’s license last Thursday, then the doctors immediately told him not to drive!

The Blue Jackets fired head coach Garrard Gallant after a terrible start this season. Gary Agnew is interim coach.

Both Kentucky and Ohio State have gotten off to pretty good starts in basketball. Poor rebounding is the only problem I see with OSU, but they are otherwise quite talented.

Yesterday, my office was moved from the second floor down to the first floor. With so many people working at home now, they decided to combine two floors into one. I wonder how many times I will come into the building at 7 AM and accidently start walking up the stairs :-).

Election results

November 9, 2006

Despite running good campaigns, both Nathan and Charles lost. URLs below.

Lexington turned out a sitting mayor for the first time since 1974 as Jim Newberry beat “Mother” Theresa Isaac fairly handily.

The initiative to condemn and forcibly take over the water company here lost. I am hoping that is the end of the matter, and our city officials will move on to really important issues such as dealing with the city sewer system. We are in deep trouble with the EPA, and have a huge potential liability in fines and sewer improvements.

Next up for us: DJ’s birthday!

Good luck Nathan and Charles

November 6, 2006

I’ve never before actually known someone running for public office. But, in this election, I know two candidates. Unfortunately, neither one is on the ballot in my county, so I can’ t vote for them!

Charles Dedman, KI4MOE is running for Property Valuation Administrator in Scott County. Nathan Riggs, one of the attorneys Bonnie works for, is running for County Attorney in Shelby County. Both have worked hard on their campaigns, and have formidable opponents. Good luck to you both!

Kentucky beat Georgia

November 6, 2006

Kentucky picked up a big win Saturday for the first time in years, beating Georgia 24-20. The Cats need one more win to become bowl eligible.

Ohio State had a close one against Illinois, but that is not uncommon. It looks like the Michigan-Ohio State game on November 18 will be a matchup of the number one and number two teams.

Bonnie and I distributied door hangers Saturday morning for a city council-at-large candidate that I support. First time I have ever done anything like that. For any Lexington readers, I endorse George Brown for council-at-large. I think Theresa Isaac is honest and ethical, but I think we need a change and I endorse Jim Newberry for Mayor. Or course, I favor voting NO on the water company condemnation.

My friend WA4UIV acquired a vintage amateur transceiver (a Drake TR-4C). He brought it over to my house on Thursday night, and we checked it out. He will have a lot of fun with that great old radio.

Entry for November 01, 2006

November 1, 2006

The rain stopped early enough yesterday that the trick-or-treaters were able to get out and about. I only had 16 kids come by, which is down from previous years. As families move in and out of the neighborhood, I never know how many to expect.

Last week, my sister came to Louisville for a seminar. Bonnie and I had dinner with her one night, and Bonnie ate with her the second night as well. It was great to get caught up on things.

I am pretty well finished with my autumn projects around the house. The most enjoyable work was getting a couple bookcases set up in the living room for my antique radio collection. I will post here when pictures are available.