Entry for November 30, 2006

A lot of my fellow hams have asked me through the years if I am on EchoLink. EchoLink is a system that allows hams to communicate entirely or partially over the Internet.

An EchoLink node has been installed on my favorite local repeater (444.125+). The node number is 319220. You may catch me there at various random times, but it would be better if you let me know that you want to work me so we can set up a sked. I do NOT have EchoLink installed on my own computer, but will work EchoLink callers via the repeater.

Ohio State played extremely well last night but lost at North Carolina 98-89. Both teams are Final Four calibre. Of course, our best player is recovering from a wrist injury, and won’t be available for a few more weeks.

Been kind of a rough week here health-wise. My sinuses were killing me Monday, but were OK by Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon and evening I developed flu-like symptoms, and stayed home from work on Wednesday. I worked today, but am still not completely over whatever I had.

It is just about 7 PM here, and time for a regular schedule I have on or near 3846. So, I will finish this and go do that.


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