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Entry for April 19, 2007 part 2

April 19, 2007

We had a real shocker here last week, as Mickie DeMoss stepped down as UK women’s basketball coach. After decades of coaching, Coach DeMoss announced that she needed a break. When I first heard that she was resigning, I assumed she was taking the LSU job, as she is from Louisiana. But it sounds like a sabbatical. She hasn’t ruled out returning to coaching at some point.

Doug MacLean was fired last night as General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was the only GM the club had ever had. But with consistently losing teams, the owners felt a change needed to be made. The Columbus Dispatch article about the firing is here

Entry for April 19, 2007

April 19, 2007

After some unseasonably cool weather, a warming trend has come to the Bluegrass. After several nasty weekends, we expect a beautiful Saturday and Sunday upcoming.

Bonnie and I braved a heavy rain to attend the Mid-South Antique Radio Collectors’ Spring show in Lawrenceburg last Saturday. I bought a couple radios, a transistor set built into a plastic replica of a bottle of Coke, and a 1940s vintage Silvertone tube set with four pushbuttons. Several of my fellow members of the Fayette Amateur Radio Transmitting Society attended as well, and brought their kids. I’ve been hoping to get some more folks interested in antique radio collecting, and that was a good start.

Billy is the man

April 6, 2007

Billy Gillispie has been introduced today as the new UK basketball coach.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Not Donovan, maybe Gillispie

April 6, 2007

Billy Donovan has said “thanks but no thanks” to UK. Next up is Billy Gillispie, who has taken Texas A&M from a doormat to a Big 12 conender and a 3-seed in this years tournament.

We’ve continued to have cool weather here. Actually saw a couple snow flakes yesterday.

National Runner-up

April 4, 2007

After beating Georgetown in the national semifinals, Ohio State lost to Florida 84-75 in the national championship game. The difference was in three-point shooting. The last statistic I saw indicated that both teams attempted the same number of 3s, but Florida made a bunch more. It easily accounted for the difference in the game.

Now the speculation begins about whether or not Greg Oden will leave Ohio State early for the NBA, and whether or not Billy Donovan will take the UK job.

We had a stretch of warm, mostly nice weather. Bonnie’s daughter Anita got married Saturday, and we had a nice day for it. Anita wanted me to take pictures with her camera, and I had a lot of fun doing that.

We had storms last night with the passage of a cold front. We’ll have highs in the 40s for the next several days.