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Entry for August 27, 2007

August 27, 2007

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Miata hit twice in 31 hours

August 24, 2007

I’ve gone a long time without getting any sheet metal bent, but my dry spell ended in a big way this week.

Tuesday at lunch I parked in a downtown parking garage and went to the library. When I came back out to the car, someone had done a number on the right front fender of the Miata. Did not leave a note. I worked on it a bit Tuesday night, but it is still a nasty dent.

On my way home from work Wednesday afternoon, a girl tapped me from behind as we waited for the light to turn left from New Circle Road onto Bryan Station Road. I think she had been there awhile, and must have let her foot off the brake. No real damage, the plastic bumper on the Miata bounced back nicely.

Otherwise what else is new? Not much. We’ve had hot weather as have many. Two inches of rain on Tuesday has caused the grass to green up, and I will have to mow it this weekend.

Last Saturday I operated the North American QSO Party. It is a contest among North American stations. This particular contest was for voice mode only. Due to the poor propagation conditions (low point in the sunspot cycle) my score was way down from previous years.

Funny conversation this morning on WVLK

August 17, 2007

We had storms here last night that left a lot of people without power.
That led to the following conversation this morning on WVLK:

DJ: We’re on the line with (somebody) in Harrodsburg. Sir, is the
power still off there?

Caller: Yes.

DJ: I hear a radio in the background. I guess you have a transistor radio.

Caller: NO, I have a battery-powered radio.

KU4A note: I guess it must have been one of the old tube-type Zenith Transoceanics :-).

Entry for August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

The Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society had its annual hamfest in Lawrenceburg Sunday, at a site they had not used before. It worked out pretty well. The inside vendors were in a building that was well air conditioned. The concessions were excellent, and they offered various breakfast items. The outside flea market was in an area with a lot of shade trees. As usual, I spent most of the time visiting with people I don’t get to see often, including N4NTQ from Louisville.

Yahoo photos is shutting down, and I will be moving to Flickr. Presumably, the photo area of my main page will disappear, or they will automatically switch over to Flickr which is owned by Yahoo. I will provide more info once I receive it.