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November 27, 2007

Back in September, I got to take a tour of the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research. There is a lot of great research going on there, as described in an article in this morning’s Dispatch:

Student Drivers

I went to school with Don Butler, who is quoted in the article.

Entry for November 25, 2007 part 4

November 25, 2007

The Kentucky basketball team under new coach Billy Gillispie got off to a bit of a shaky start, losing to Gardner-Webb in Lexington. They will also get a crack at North Carolina in an afternoon game on Saturday, December 1.

The UK football team lost four of its last five, including a heartbreaker to Tennessee yesterday 52-50 in four overtimes. Kentucky has not beaten Tennessee since 1984. But with a 7-5 overall record, the Cats should be inline for a bowl game for the second season in a row.

Entry for November 25, 2007 part 3

November 25, 2007

After my last post about the Blue Jackets on October 23, Columbus ran off 4 straight wins, followed by an OTL then another win. A bit of a slump followed after that, but the Jackets won two games this weekend against Minnesota and Detroit.

Pascal Leclaire has been brilliant, recording six shutouts already this season.

The Jackets now head out for a three-game western road trip. Stealing a few points out there would be awesome.

Entry for November 25, 2007 part 2

November 25, 2007

Ohio State won the Big Ten football championship, and notched yet another win over arch-rival Michigan, 14-3 this year. The Saturday before the big game, both Ohio State and Michigan lost. The Illini came to Columbus and came away victorious 28-21, the only loss of the season for the Bucks.

OSU has an excellent chance of pulling back into the BCS Championship race. Missouri and West Virginia both have one more game to play. If one falters, OSU could easily move up.

The young OSU men’s basketball team is off to a decent start. After losing an exhibition game to division 2 member Findlay, the Bucks made it to the championship game of the pre-season NIT, before losing to Texas A&M.

On Wednesday, the Bucks take on North Carolina (ranked number one in some polls). It will be interesting to see if OSU can give them a game.

Entry for November 25, 2007

November 25, 2007

Well, it is time to get up-to-date, and I am going to do that right now!

License plates available for sale or trade

November 15, 2007

These are plates I have available. I have tried to describe the condition to some extent. I don’t currently have pictures of any of them, but can take some and send them on request.

Contact me at to request pictures or make offers on one or more plates. There are some pairs, be sure to let me know if you are interested in pairs. I will figure out shipping once we’ve agreed on plates being sold. I prefer PayPal, but will entertain other forms of payment if necessary.

I am happy to consider a trade for amateur radio plates. I am also interested in plates of current or former broadcast radio station call letters.

I am quite busy and it may take me awhile to get back to you.

1974 W0GCN very good, amateur radio

1976 GSO897 Whitfield County, badly discolored

1978 KF 4987 rusty
1985-6 PF 960 cracks in paint
unknown year SZT 865 pock marks

1976 LYD 518 paint damage in center

1939 26 GS 1 trailer, poor
1941 146 TJ poor
1944 710 TE poor
1945 885 TR poor
1946 8956 Q 1 trailer, rusty
1946 889 TQ background paint completely gone
1947 8251 K 1 trailer, rusty
1951 7050 TY poor
1958 423 BW poor, bad rust
1960 A 9139 rusty
1962 M 2136 light rust
1963 A 9139 very badly dented
1963 A 9139 paint spilled on it
1963 G 19712 paint damage
1963 V 717 F paint damage
1963 V 1733 U paint damage
1963 V 1733 U paint damage
1964 G 1215 rusty
1964 G 1220 pretty good
1964 M 2136 rusty
1964 M 2136 rusty
1964 V 121 G paint damage
1964 V 898 F top bent
1965 2556 YX poor
1965 G 1215 light rust marks
1965 G 1220 not bad
1965 V 121 G light rust
1966 2556 YX poor
1966 G 1215 not bad
1966 G 1220 not bad
1967 2556 YX poor
1967 E 3258 bent at top
1967 G 1215 paint damage at lower bolt holes
1967 G 1220 not bad
1967 K 11328 badly bent, paint damage
1967 V 121 G rusty
1967 V 121 G rusty
1967 W8HWD pretty good, amateur radio
1968 G 1220 not bad
1968 V 121 G rusty
1968 V 780 D rusty
1968 V 972 H rusty
1968 YS 8549 rusty
1969 4728 YW rusty
1969 5 D 4801 truck, rusty
1969 G 1215 not bad
1969 G 1220 not bad
1969 V 121 H pock marked
1970 G 1215 light rust
1970 G 1220 not bad
1970 V 121 H rust around bolt holes
1970 V 351 C spots of a brown substance
1971 G 1215 light paint damage
1971 G 1220 light paint damage
1971 V 121 H light rust on right side
1971 V 121 H rusty
1972 G 1215 bent
1972 G 1220 not bad
1972 V 70 E bent
1972 V 121 H bent at top
1972 V 306 J paint error on top border
1973 G 1215 “seat belts fastened?” rusty
1973 G 1220 “seat belts fastened?” light rust
1973 V 121 H “seat belts fastened?” light rust
1974 G 1215 “seat belts fastened?” bent, paint damage along bottom
1974 G 1220 “seat belts fastened?” not bad except for rust around one hole
1980s G 1220 badly bent, bad paint damage
unknown year G 1215 paint damage
unknown year BTU 663 “The heart of it all”, Franklin county, poor
unknown year G 1215 Franklin county, bent, paint cracked and faded
unknown year G 1220 Franklin county, rusty

1990 N5LBK amateur radio, paint damage in center
1991 WD5JBD amateur radio, paint damage in center

Entry for November 13, 2007

November 13, 2007

Well, obviously I am way behind again in updating this blog. The bad news is that November has been a crazy-busy month for me, and it hasn’t slowed down yet. The good news is that I am getting a lot of stuff done. I will try to get up-to-date just as soon as time permits.