Entry for December 24, 2007 part 2

The Blue Jackets have been struggling offensively since I last posted. The goaltending has been fine, but Columbus has not been able to get many pucks in the net. They have had a long stretch of home games in December, and unfortunately, have not been able to capitalize on the favorable scheduling.

Both Ohio State and Kentucky have struggled with their young basketball teams. UK has really raised some eyebrows with its 5-5 record. Ohio State showed some brilliance in its most recent game, a 62-49 win over Florida. I think a large amount of patience is going to be required with both schools.

I got DSL here at the house right after our return from Florida. With the purchase of a Lenovo dual-core laptop back before Thanksgiving, I am in much better shape for computer power here at home.

With my Miata having over 100, 000 miles on it, and some body damage as described earlier, I decided not to put any more money into it, and to look for a replacement. A fellow member of our Miata club had a low-miles 1999 that he had nicely fixed up. He had purchased a Porsche, and put his Miata up for sale. I bought it from him after we returned from Florida. It is a dark blue with a tan top and tan leather interior. It has a number of other features that my green ’99 does not have, including a HardDog roll bar. We’re looking forward to getting back active with our Miata club.


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