Bonnie and I spent a week in Naples, Florida, over the last few days of November and the first few days of December. When I travel, I like to get around and see the sights, so we drove over 1100 miles while we were there.

After visiting my next-door neighbors who spend winters in Lake Placid, we went to the east coast where I got to have an “eyeball QSO” with WY5I, who is net control station for the Rotten Apple Group on the 40-meter amateur band in the morning.

Donn has made a miraculous recovery from a severe head injury several years ago. He was in a coma for awhile, then had to relearn many of the things we all learn to do as a child. A former executive for Pratt & Whitney, Donn now lives in Port St. Lucie where a friend helped him assemble a beautiful ham station. Communicating with hams around the world helped in Donn’s recovery. After many years of brief chats with him in the mornings on the way to work, it was great to finally meet him and hear more about his amazing story.


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