Congrats to the Georgia Bulldogs

Ohio State and Kentucky both lost their openers in their respective conference tournaments.

A tornado hit the Georgia Dome Friday night, delaying completion of the Alabama-Mississippi State game, and causing postponement of the Georgia-Kentucky game. The Dogs and Cats ended up playing at noon on Saturday at Georgia Tech. Georgia won in overtime on a 3-pointer with less than two seconds left. Only about 1000 fans were allowed into the game.

The semifinals were played on Saturday as well, and Georgia beat Mississippi State to earn a ticket to today’s finals. I have never heard of a Division I team playing two games in one day. But, Georgia, the last-place team in the SEC East did it and won both games. That is an awesome achievement in my opinion.

I think Southeastern Conference officials did a pretty good job in dealing with a bad situation. Monday morning quarterbacking is easy, but I won’t let it stop me from posting what I consider to have been another reasonable alternative.

I might have held the Georgia-Kentucky game late Saturday. This would allow for some kind of reasonable ticket sale for fans of either school who wanted to get into the game. Then I would have played both semifinals on Sunday. Then, I would have had the SEC school athletic directors vote on which of the two finalists would get the automatic bid, which has to be determined by 5:00 PM Sunday. A tournament championship game could then have been played on Monday.

There is precedent for this procedure. Years ago, when the Big 10 football champion went to the Rose Bowl, and no other teams went to bowls, the athletic directors voted on which team went to Pasadena in the event of a tie. Several such votes were needed to choose between Ohio State and Michigan.


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