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Entry for August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

We’ve been out-and-about a good bit this summer. We haven’t had extended periods of extremely hot weather. So, it’s been a tolerable summer so far.

For Bonnie’s birthday in early July, we had a luxury suite at Churchill Downs. As usual, I didn’t do well betting, but it was fun being in an air-conditioned suite. There was a balcony that we walked out on to watch the races.

We went to the Jamboree in Corydon, Indiana one Saturday night to see my friend KA4MKG play keyboards.

The Greater Cincinnati Garden Railroad Club had an open house, and we spent a Saturday viewing some garden railways in northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

The Greater Cincinnati Miata Club had a nice drive which stopped at Bonnie’s house for salads and appetizers. There were a total of 8 cars, and everyone had a good time.

I went to the Lexington hamfest two weeks ago, and we both went to the Huntsville hamfest last weekend. Last Saturday night I had an excellent BBQ dinner with the guys I talk to in the mornings on the 75-meter ham band.

Radio Einundzwanzig

August 23, 2008

My friend Norave told me about a small network of FM stations in part of Germany called “Radio 21” (Radio Einundzwanzig in German). They play a nice mix of classic rock. I frequently hear songs I haven’t heard in a long time.

The station is easy to listen to after 4:00 PM Eastern time. This is 10:00 PM in Germany and by that time there are fewer commercials (“Werbungs” in German) and news broadcasts.

R21 is easily heard on 104.9 on the Hannover GlobalTuner, or via web stream.

(Post updated 5-1-09 to include new URL).

DX Tuners back as “GlobalTuners”

August 23, 2008

Many of you are familiar with the web receiver concept, in which someone puts a radio receiver on the Internet for remote control from anywhere in the world.

The most popular “network” of web receivers was DX Tuners. Payment of a subscription fee was required for full access. The owner of the network shut it down to concentrate on new projects.

The software that was used for DX Tuners has been re-used in a network called GlobalTuners
Registration is required, but there is no charge to use the receivers. On the site you will see a list of receivers all over the world. Different types of equipment can be used, and different antennas. So, some of the receivers perform better than others.

The most important thing to remember is: if there are other people using a receiver when you log onto it, be sure to ask permission before tuning to another frequency or changing any of the settings.

My friend DK1NY (known as “Norave” on the Internet) operates one of the better GlobalTuners near Hannover, Germany. I can be found there a lot. Be sure to say “hi” if you see me.