Entry for November 09, 2008

Today is an overcast and cold day, with temperatures only in the 40s. I completed all my outside chores in plenty of time before this stretch of nasty weather.

Debbie and John Wagner’s house ended up winning The Today Show’s competition for Halloween decorations. Congratulations to the Wagners.

Wall Street generally has a mix of Democrats and Republicans, but the decline following the election is impressive. It may well be a referendum on the impending Obama administration, or it may be a normal reaction after an up move over the previous few sessions. We’ll see.

Kentucky became bowl-eligible for the third year in a row by eeking out a win in Starkville 14-13. Yesterday the Cats gave Georgia a good game before losing 42-38. I think Kentucky’s 6-4 record is impressive given the number of injuries sustained this season. The Cats close out the season playing the Tennessee schools, both of whom are struggling mightily recently.

Ohio State popped back into the Big Ten title hunt after Penn State’s stunning loss at Iowa yesterday. The Bucks handled Northwestern easily.


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