Entry for January 24, 2009 part 2

We’ve had some nice short skip today on the ham bands, caused by small intensely ionized areas of the E-layer of the ionosphere. The phenomenon is called Sporadic-E. I worked Ohio and Indiana on 30-meters using PSK-31, and worked New York on 12-meter single-sideband. There have been reports of good propagation all the way up to the six-meter band.

I didn’t know if the Ohio State men would win on the road in the Big Ten this year or not. They picked up a win in Ann Arbor last Saturday to prove me wrong. But the Bucks lost by 18 in Champaign-Urbana in a game in which they were way behind most of the way. OSU hosts Michigan State tomorrow.

The Kentucky men continue undefeated in the SEC with wins over Georgia and the Alabama schools since I last posted.

The Ohio State women lost a heartbreaker at home to Minnesota, so are now a half-game behind Indiana in the conference.

The Kentucky women also lost at home to Mississippi State to go 2-2 in the SEC.


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