My experience as an “Appy”

In medical jargon they call them “Appys”, people who need an appendectomy. I joined the ranks over the weekend.

Had bad stomach pain starting mid afternoon on Saturday. I called Bonnie, and she came over and took me to Good Samaritan ER. They gradually went through tests and came up with the diagnosis after a CAT-scan. My appendicitis was somewhat unusual in that the appendix was not near the surface, giving me no tenderness in the “usual spots”.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning an ambulance transferred me a couple blocks to the UK main hospital, where they did the surgery at 4:30 AM. It was my first ambulance ride and hospital admission. Monday night about 7 they released me, and I have been resting at home ever since. A followup appointment with the surgeons on Tuesday morning.

I met a lot of great doctors and nurses at Good Sam and at UK. Both seem to be fine institutions.


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