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Bill Covington out of prison; to teach school

July 29, 2009

That was quick. Bill Covington has finished serving his time for bank fraud at Farmers Deposit Bank, and will now teach school in Henry County:

July options expiration

July 17, 2009

With one exception, all my July option positions (long and short) expired worthless.

On COST I had bought a call spread: long the 50s and short the 55s. Loss was $1.00 per contract.

On JPM I had sold a call spread: short the 37s and long the 39s. Came very close to covering the 37s as it printed as high as 37.20 today, and was in the 36.90s near the close. Profit was $0.80 per contract.

On GOOG I had sold 450 calls and bought 460s, and sold 430 puts and bought 420s. I bought back the 430 puts for 20 cents with less than 5 minutes to go, as GOOG was about $429.87 at the time. Total profit on GOOG was $4.80 per contract (counting both sides together).

Monster six-meter opening

July 8, 2009

The six meter (50 MHz) band was in good shape last night. When I finished work for the day, I came back into the shack and found skip very short due east.  I first worked a station in Richmond, Virginia. As the evening wore on, the optimum direction gradually rotated around me clockwise. I worked stations in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

The big catch of the night was 9Y4D in Trinidad and Tobago. New US grids worked include FM17, FM03, EM94, EM93, EM73, EM71 and EM11. Thanks to everyone who worked me.

A station in Puerto Rico is loud here now, but  I already have him confirmed. So I will stay out of the pile up.