As is often the case, I’ve gotten way behind in updating this blog. So, this will be a giant “catch-up” post.

We Kentucky fans always have high hopes of ending our long string of losses to Florida (now 23 games). But this was not the year. To me, Kentucky looked weak defensively in our 4-point win over Louisville. The Gators posted 31 points in the first quarter last night against the Cats enroute to a 41-7 win. Next week Alabama visits Lexington, so the schedule doesn’t get any easier.

Ohio State dropped a 3-point heartbreaker to USC earlier in the season, but opened the Big Ten yesterday with a 30-0 win over Illinois.

Florida, Alabama and Texas (not necessarily in that order) look to me to be head-and-shoulders above the rest of college football, but we’ll see what happens as the year progresses.

My thoughts go out to those who have suffered flooding from the heavy rains that have plagued the south over the last several days. That weather pattern seems to have finally broken here beginning today.

There were 74 Miatas at this year’s Midwest Miata Gathering, held at Kincaid Lake State Park near Falmouth. To see pictures, go here: or click on the links immediately to the right of this post.

I have been reviewing my broadcast-band DXing logs, as the “season” for medium-wave DXing is upon us. I have heard 290 stations in 31 states so far, since I started keeping records a few years back. I need to start listening at times that I have generally ignored, such as the wee hours, and right before sunrise. Software programs such as TotalRecorder make this task a lot easier.

Last but not least, congratulations to Bonnie on the arrival of her first grand-nephew, Landon!


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