October options expiration

Earlier I tweeted the close-out of the MSFT calendar spread at 1.50 profit per contract.

My TGT will be called away due to the short position in October 42.50 calls. Total profit on the stock was +2.15 and on the option write +3.36. Of course, the stock moved up almost 10 points since purchase, to the covered call write capped what would have been bigger gains. Still a profitable trade.

The short October 55 puts on FPL expired in the money, so the stock will be put to me to close out the short position in the stock, flat. Gain on the option write was +1.60. I continue to be long January 45 calls on FPL. I will be looking to write calls again against this position.

The October 40 calls on STL expired for a gain of +3.01. The stock is just a tad bit below 34 presently. I am still holding the long position in January 30 STL calls


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