January options expiration

During the day Friday I tweeted that I sold my long position in FPL Jan 45 calls. These were sold at a loss, but there was a good bit of income generated against the position during the time held, including the Jan 55 calls which expired.

My long position in QCOM was called away, as I had written Jan 40 calls. Profit on the calls was +5.22, on the stock +4.78.

My long position in WMT Jan 40 calls was exercised, which closed out the existing short position in WMT stock. The 47 cents of time premium I paid when I bought the calls was lost, but, again, income was generated during the life of the position.

Finally, I was assigned on a short position in LLTC Jan 28 calls. So, I am short LLTC, with the position hedged by a long position in Jan 2011 17.5 calls. I expect to write puts against this short stock.


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