A rainy weekend

Lots of rain around here over the last few days. There are flood concerns in the areas immediately east of me.

Split decision for the Blue Jackets this week. A home win over St. Louis and a nice 3-2 win in Boston were offset by losses in Philadelphia and Minnesota.

With Texas having lost, Kentucky will be #1 in the next basketball polls. The Cats had no trouble with Arkansas yesterday.

After an easy home win over Northwestern, Ohio State went to Morgantown and lost to the Mountaineers. With West Virginia’s outside shooting suspect, the Bucks played a lot of zone and had a 14-point lead in the first half. But West Virginia shot well, and ended up winning by 6.

The Ohio State women had yet another close game with Michigan but came out victorious by 2. The Bucks play at Purdue Monday night on national TV.

The Kentucky women had two home wins this weeks and are 4-2 in the SEC.


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