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June options expiration

June 20, 2010

I tweeted Friday that I went ahead and covered the short BBBY June 43 puts at 30 cents. This turned out to be a pretty good move, as the stock closed at 42.49, with those puts 51 cents in the money. The long June 40 puts expired worthless, so the net profit on the spread was +0.70.

The June 22 puts I wrote against my short position in ZION expired worthless for a gain of +1.00. The short position continues to be hedged by a long position in July 17 calls.

The June 28 calls I wrote on LLTC were assigned, so I am now once again short LLTC shares. These are hedged by a long position in January 17.50 calls. Profit on the call write was +1.05

The June 39 calls I wrote on HON were assigned, so I am now short HON. This short position is hedged by a long position in January 30 calls. Profit on the call write was +1.80


“Two for the price of one”

June 20, 2010

Bonnie and I spent Friday night and Saturday morning in Cincinnati.

The first stop was the Buca di Beppo at Rookwood Commons, a large shopping center right off Interstate 71 at exit 6 just north of downtown Cincinnati. Despite driving past this place hundreds of times, I didn’t know it was there. There are a large number of excellent restaurants there, so if you are in the neighborhood and hungry, it looks like a great place to stop for a meal. You have a lot of choices.

Saturday morning we got up and went to two radio-related activities. The first was an antique radio swap meet sponsored by the Cincinnati Antique Radio Society. Fortunately it was all indoors, as some unexpected heavy rain hit the area for a couple hours in the morning. I bought a bunch of tubes but managed to resist buying any more radios.

The next stop was Milford, Ohio for the annual Milford Hamfest. The flea market was late getting started due to the rain. I bought a few items both from a vendor inside, and from the flea marketeers once they got going about 10:30 AM or so.

We drove the “shack on wheels” (my old Chevrolet) and I made a bunch of contacts both days on ten and six meters.

Continued fun on six-meters

June 16, 2010

There was a contest over the weekend on the six-meter band (50 MHz). I didn’t enter with the intent to get my highest score possible, but did operate to see how many new grids I could work. Got about 25 news ones. I plan to get all the paperwork together this summer for VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club). This is the award for confirming 100 grids (endorsed for each additional hundred).

Yesterday on 6-meters I heard a station on Madeira Island off the coast of northwest Africa. He wasn’t strong and I wasn’t able to get through the pile-up. So far, I’ve only worked one station “across the pond” on 6 (France a couple years ago).

Medium Wave Logs

June 12, 2010

I’m not a particularly good medium-wave DXer, but it is a lot of fun pulling in new stations and adding them to my log. The folks that work really hard at this have over 2000 stations in their logs.

One of the challenges is trying to determine what is being heard. Many stations have Internet streams and that helps. Sometimes IDs are hard to understand, so you often have to listen for other clues that tip you off to what is there.

Plans for future improvements include acquiring a phaser, which allows for nulling out strong local stations.  I would like to experiment with loop antennas which are quite popular among medium wave DXers. As you can see from my logs, I need to get a lot better on graveyard channels!

530 Radio Vision Christiana Turks & Caicos
CIAO Brampton ON
540 WWCS Canonsburg PA
WAUK Jackson WI
550 WKRC Cincinnati
WSVA Harrisonburg VA
560 WHBQ Memphis
WIND Chicago
Radio Rebelde Cuba
WJLS Beckley WV
570 WIDS Russell Springs KY
Radio Reloj Cuba
WWNC Asheville NC
580 KJMJ Alexandria LA
WGAC Augusta GA
WKSK West Jefferson NC
590 WVLK Lexington
WDWD Atlanta
600 WBWL Jacksonville FL
WKYH Paintsville KY
WMT  Cedar Rapids IA
Radio Rebelde Cuba
WSJS Winston-Salem NC
610 WTVN Columbus
WIP Philadelphia
620 WDAE St. Petersburg FL
WRJZ Knoxville
630 WLAP Lexington
640 WHLO Akron OH
Radio Progresso Cuba
WCRV Collierville TN
650 WSM Nashville
660 WFAN New York
WXIC Waverly OH
670 WSCR Chicago
Radio Rebelde Cuba
680 WPTF Raleigh
WCTT Corbin KY
690 CINF Montreal
WELD Fisher WV
WJOX Birmingham AL
WOKV Jacksonville FL
WIST New Orleans
700 WLW Cincinnati
710 WOR New York
WEKC Williamsburg KY
720 WGN Chicago
WGCR Pisgah Forest NC
730 WLIL Lenoir City TN
WMTC Vancleve KY
WJYM Bowling Green OH
740 CHWO Toronto
WNOP Newport KY
750 WSB Atlanta
760 WJR Detroit
WCIS Morgantown NC
770 WABC New York
WCGW Nicholasville KY
WLWL Rockingham NC
780 WZZX Lineville AL
WPTN Cookeville TN
WBBM Chicago
Radio Coro Venezuela
790 WXXA Louisville
WQSV Ashland City TN
WQXI Atlanta
Radio Reloj Cuba
800 WDEH Sweetwater TN
WVHU Huntington WV
CKLW Windsor ON
PJB Radio Transmundial Bonair Netherlands Antilles
810 WGY Schenectady NY
WEKG Jackson KY
820 WBAP Dallas-Ft. Worth
WOSU Columbus
830 WCCO Minneapolis
KOTC Kennett MO
840 WHAS Louisville
850 KFUO Clayton MO
KOA Denver
WXJC Birmingham AL
WKNR Cleveland OH
Radio Reloj Cuba
860 CJBC Toronto
WAMO Millvale PA
870 WWL New Orleans
WMTL Leitchfield KY
880 WCBS New York
WRFD Columbus
KLRG Sheridan AR
KRVN Lexington NE
WMEQ Menomonie WI
890 WLS Chicago
Radio Progresso Cuba
900 WFIA Louisville
CHML Hamilton ON
910 WKEQ Somerset KY
Radio Cadena Agramonte Cuba
WEPG South Pittsburgh TN
920 CKNX Wingham ON
WLIV Livingston TN
WGKA Atlanta
930 WHON Richmond IN
WRVC Huntington WV
WLLL Lynchburg VA
940 WMAC Macon GA
WCPC Houston MS
WCND Shelbyville KY
WNRG Grundy VA
WMIX Mt. Vernon IL
Radio Reloj Cuba
950 WTLN Orlando FL
WXGI Richmond VA
WAKM Franklin TN
WORD Spartanburg SC
Radio Reloj Cuba
WGOV Valdosta GA
960 WERC Birmingham AL
WFIR Roanoke VA
Radio Reloj Cuba
970 WGTK Louisville
980 WONE Dayton OH
990 WLEE Richmond VA
WNOX Knoxville
WNTP Philadelphia
CBW  Winnipeg MB
CKGM Montreal QC
1000 WMVP Chicago
WDJL Huntville AL
WYBT Blountstown FL
WNSI Robertsdale AL
1010 CFRB Toronto
WIOI New Boston OH
KXEN St. Louis MO
WINS New York
1020 KDKA Pittsburgh
Radio Reloj Cuba
1030 WBZ Boston
KFAY Fayetteville AR
WEBS Calhoun GA
WNVR Vernon Hills IL
KCTA Corpus Christi TX
1040 WHO Des Moines
WSGH Lewisville NC
WLCR Mt. Washington KY
1050 CHUM Toronto
WTSJ Cincinnati
1060 KYW Philadelphia
WXNC Monroe NC
WKNG Tallapoosa GA
KTOZ Springfield MO
WFLE Flemingsburg KY
XEEP Mexico City
1070 WFNI Indianapolis
WAPI Birmingham AL
WNCT Greenville SC
WFLI Lookout Mountain TN
1080 WTIC Hartford
WKJK Louisville
KRLD Dallas
1090 WKTE King NC
WBAL Baltimore MD
WNVY Cantonment FL
KAAY Little Rock AR
WKFI Wilmington OH
1100 WTAM Cleveland
1110 WBCA Bay Minette AL
WCBR Richmond KY
WBT  Charlotte NC
1120 KMOX St. Louis
1130 WQFX Gulfport MS
WDFN Detroit
KWKH Shreveport LA
WISN Milwaukee
1140 WRVA Richmond VA
WAWK Kendallville IN
1150 WMST Mt. Sterling KY
WJRD Tuscaloosa AL
CKOC Hamilton ON
KSAL Salina KS
1160 WBOB Florence KY
WCFO East Point GA
WYLL Chicago
1170 WLBH Mattoon IL
WWVA Wheeling WV
WDFB Junction City KY
WQVA Lexington SC
1180 WHAM Rochester NY
1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne
WBSL Bay St. Louis MS
1200 WOAI San Antonio
CFGO Ottawa ON
WABB Nashville
1210 WPHT Philadelphia
WANB Waynesburg PA
WILY Centralia IL
1220 WHK Cleveland
1230 WHIR Danville KY
1240 WFTM Maysville KY
WLLV Louisville
1250 WWFT Nicholasville KY
WEAE Pittsburgh
1260 WNDE Indianapolis
WNXT Portsmouth OH
WDKN Dickson TN
WWVT Christiansburg VA
WPNW Zeeland MI
1270 WXYT Detroit
WLIK Newport TN
WKBF Rock Island IL
WAIN Columbia KY
WCGC Belmont NC
1280 WGBF Evansville IN
WKYY Lancaster KY
1290 WHKY Hickory NC
WDZY Colonial Heights VA
WHIO Dayton OH
CFRW Winnepeg MB
WIRL Peoria IL
1300 WLXG Lexington
1310 CIWW Ottawa ON
WDTW Dearborn MI
WISE Asheville NC
1320 WBRT Bardstown KY
WJAS Pittsburgh
1330 WYRD Greenville SC
WMOR Morehead KY
1340 WEKY Richmond KY
1350 WGAD Gadsden AL
WLOU Louisville
WKCU Corinth MS
1360 WCKY Cincinnati
WKAT North Miami FL
WNJC Washington Township NJ
1370 WSPD Toledo
WGOH Grayson KY
WLTC Gastonia NC
1380 WMJR Nicholasville KY
1390 WMER Meridian MS
WADA Shelby NC
WTJS Jackson TN
WNIO Youngstown OH
1400 WCYN Cynthiana KY
1410 WING Dayton OH
KQV Pittsburgh
WHLN Harlan KY
1420 WHBN Harrodsburg KY
1430 WXNT Indianapolis
WGFS Covington GA
1440 WYGH Paris KY
1460 WBNS Columbus
WRVK Mt. Vernon KY
1470 WMBD Peoria IL
WBFC Stanton KY
WLQR Toledo OH
1480 WTLO Somerset KY
WHBC Canton OH
1490 WFKY Frankfort KY
1500 WKXO Berea KY
WTOP Washington
1510 WLAC Nashville
1520 WWKB Buffalo
WLGC Greenup KY
KRHW Sikeston MO
1530 WCKY Cincinnati
1540 ZNS1 Bahamas
CHIN Toronto
KXEL Waterloo IA
1550 WIRV Irvine KY
WLOR Huntsville AL
WXOL Westerville OH
WBSC Bennettsville SC
1560 WQEW New York
WAGL Lancaster SC
WMRO Gallatin TN
WCNW Fairfield OH
1570 WLBJ New Albany IN
1580 WXRA Georgetown KY
1590 WAKR Akron OH
WVNA Tuscumbia AL
1600 WTSZ Eminence KY
WKZK Augusta GA
1610 Winchester KY TIS
1620 WHLY South Bend IN
WTAW College Station TX
Lexington TIS
1630 WRDW Augusta GA
KCJJ Iowa City
University of Kentucky billboards
1640 WTNI Biloxi MS
WKSH Sussex WI
1650 WHKT Portsmouth VA
KWHN Ft. Smith AR
KCNZ Cedar Falls IA
1660 WQSN Kalamazoo MI
WBHE Charlotte NC
1670 WMWR Dry Branch GA
WTDY Madison WI
1680 WLAA Winter Garden FL
1690 WVON Berwyn IL
WPTX Lexington Park MD
WMLB Avondale Estates GA
1700 KTBK Sherman TX
WEUP Huntsville AL
WQKH253 UK Parking TIS


June 7, 2010

The radio monitoring community was agog over the weekend after a report was published at that the “Buzzer” (station UVB-76 in Russia on 4.625 MHz. AM) had gone off the air. If there was an outage it must have been short-lived as the station has been heard several times since.

The purpose of UVB-76 is a mystery and there is an excellent wikipedia article about it at

A lot of listeners are not familiar with the propagation characteristics of frequencies at the low end of the shortwave spectrum (such as UVB-76). They are highly absorbed by the D-layer of the ionosphere during daylight hours. Their range during the day is probably only a few hundred miles, which is probably not a problem for the Russians’ intended use for this station.

At night, the D-layer disappears and the propagation at that frequency is theoretically unlimited, as long as the path of interest is mostly in darkness.

Since the summer solstice is only a few days away, the days are long in the northern hemisphere meaning there are only a few hours during which UVB-76 can be heard each day.

Propagation can also be degraded by solar disturbances.

Receivers in Europe (such as the ones on the GlobalTuners network) are close enough to UVB-76 for generally good copy. Today, as early as 1530Z, I heard the Buzzer on the Hannover, Germany and Vienna, Austria HF/MF GlobalTuners.


June 5, 2010

My apologies to anyone that has been watching this space hoping for some profundity. I don’t have much going on right now, other than keeping up with yard work and trying to keep cool.

There was a major Sporadic-E opening here Wednesday night. I worked many stations out west which would have been double-hop. Nevada and Utah were states worked that I need. After confirming those, I only need Alaska and Hawaii to have all 50. I worked a bunch of new states on 12m as well.