Retirement is here

You’d think since June 30 was my last day of work at IBM after 33 years that I would have posted here more often. But, I’ve been busy getting my retirement started :-).

We had a nice weekend at Apple Valley, and got to see the fireworks from my brother’s boat just like last year. It had been 2 1/2 months since I had seen my nephews. Everyone got together for a suprise (to me) retirement party Sunday afternoon.

I am back on digital modes (such as PSK-31) for the first time in several months. I have a new laptop now after the hard drive on the old one crashed. This new one has Windows 7 which seems to work just fine.

I probably missed some six-meter openings by being gone but the band has been good some this week as well.

I am also retiring from the Accessible Textbook Service where I have volunteered to record textbooks for blind students (and other vision-impaired people). With scanners and other new technologies, the idea of sitting in front of a cassette recorder and making tapes is pretty outmoded. I am going to investigate other volunteer opportunities in the near future.

After several days of temperatures near 100 degrees, we have had a nearly all-day rain today which is much needed.


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