July options expiration

The AMAT July 13 calls I had written expired worthless. Profit was +0.92. I continue to hold a long position in AMAT January 10 calls.

The long position in ZION July 17 calls was exercised, which closed my short position in ZION shares. Those calls cost me 5.73, and the profit on the short position was 5.50. Since the time those calls were bought, income was received by either writing calls against the long calls, or selling puts against the short position in the shares.

The CHK July 23 puts I wrote were assigned, so now I am long CHK shares. The profit on the put spread I wrote (short July 23, long July 19) was +1.00, but keep in mind that my basis in the CHK shares assigned is 23.00.

The JCI July 23 calls I wrote expired worthless for a profit of +1.65. I continue to hold a long position in JCI January 22.50 calls.


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