WEG Monitoring

The World Equestrian Games got started in the Kentucky Horse Park Saturday night, and will run through October 10. Something like 355,000 tickets were sold. So, we have a lot of visitors from all around the world.

For VHF and UHF monitoring, here is what I have heard so far:

There is a repeater on 461.550 that seems to be general coordination of the work force. There is no local licensee for this frequency so the equipment was probably brought in for the WEG.

The Lexington Police seem to be using their channel 7 (155.790) for WEG-related traffic. I have a bad noise there right now so haven’t been monitoring that frequency.

The Kentucky Department of Transportation has been using 156.180 for traffic-control comms. In the winter, this is also an interesting frequency as the state snow plows/salt trucks are there.


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