Back To Work

I went back to work as a contractor on October 6. It is not my intent to work as much as I did before retirement. My hours will ebb and flow with the work. There is plenty to do right now, as it looks like no one picked up much of my work after I retired.

Ohio State is now number 1 as yesterday South Carolina beat previously #1 Alabama. Kentucky unfortunately is 0-3 in the SEC after close losses to Ole Miss and Auburn. Perhaps Joker Phillips is a bit shaky in his first year as head coach.

We spent a weekend at Shakertown back in September and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll announce here when the pictures are on my Flickr page. Also, we went to Bardstown and rode the dinner train (for lunch), and also visited the Civil War Museum and My Old Kentucky Home. All are well worth doing at least once.

I did not get to see either of the Blue Jackets’ games in Sweden where they split two games with San Jose. The first TV game for me will be Friday October 15 against Chicago.


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