Nice win by the ladies over LSU

The Kentucky women hadn’t beaten LSU in years, until last year in Baton Rouge. The Cats picked up their first win in Lexington over the Tigers in awhile today, 49-47. With the game tied at 47, point guard A’dia Mathies brought the ball up court and passed to Brittany Henderson who made the winning layup with 1 second to go.

I visited Memorial Coliseum on February 3rd and saw the Cats beat Auburn 69-38. Kentucky played well the following Monday but lost to perennial power Tennessee 73-67. A visit to Columbia had a similar result with South Carolina winning 66-61. The Cats broke the 2-game losing streak today.

Nobody will catch Tennessee in the league, but the Cats are only one game out of second place behind Georgia and Vanderbilt.

The Ohio State women will break their string of 6-straight Big Ten regular season championships this year. The Bucks are currently 6-6 after a win at Minnesota this afternoon.


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