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Blue Jackets news

May 19, 2011

We are in the midst of yet another disappointing off-season for the Blue Jackets who are watching while the Stanley Cup Playoffs proceed. A number of assistant coaches have left and will need to be replaced before next season.

The big buzz currently relates to the fact that there are serious negotiations in progress to move the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnepeg. This would move a team from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference, and would necessitate moving one of the existing Western Conference teams over to the Eastern Conference.

There are two western teams in the Eastern time zone, Columbus and Detroit. These are considered to be the two candidates for the move, and many observers think Columbus is the most likely mover. This would make selling tickets easier as the Jackets would have more games against teams like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Philadelphia, etc. rather than far western teams such as Edmonton, Calgary and Phoenix.

Nashville seems like a possible candidate to move into the Southeast division to replace Atlanta. But they are in the Central time zone, and some observers say the Eastern time zone teams (DET and CBJ) are more likely to be chosen.

Kentucky baseball

May 19, 2011

Bonnie and I finally got a chance to visit Cliff Hagan Stadium last Friday night and saw the first four innings of the Georgia-Kentucky game. The Cats ended up winning 7-4. UK’s starting pitcher was Alex Meyer who is ranked first in the conference in several statistical categories, including strikeouts, innings pitched, complete games and shutouts.

Kentucky is near the bottom of the conference with a 7-20 record with one series remaining in Gainesville. The SEC is tough this year as usual, with Vanderbilt, Florida and South Carolina ranked in the Top Ten in most polls. Looking back on the season, the biggest disappointment for the Cats was being swept by teams like Auburn, Ole Miss and LSU.

NAQCC May operating challenge

May 19, 2011

Many of you know that I am a member of the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC). The club is committed to the advancement of low-power Morse code operations in amateur radio.

The club awards a “participation point” each month to any member who either completes a monthly “challenge” or submits a log for the monthly NAQCC Sprint contest which runs for two hours on a weeknight each month.

I have a streak of earning at least one participation point every month since September 2007. I generally earn this point by operating in the Sprint. But for this month, I am trying the operating challenge. You have all month to achieve the challenge goal, but it is more time-consuming than the Sprint contest.

This month’s challenge is to complete at least 20 contacts on the “WARC” bands which are 30-meters, 17-meters and 12-meters. Obviously, the contacts must be made using Morse Code at “QRP power level” which is 5 watts or less.

As I type this on May 19 I have 18 QSOs in the log, so I need two more. Band conditions have been up and down. On May 3rd I worked a station in New Zealand, but other days have produced no contacts. Other countries worked include Italy, France, Serbia, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and Chile. Of course, contacts with other US stations count as long as they are made on the WARC bands using CW and running QRP. Part of the challenge is the fact that the WARC bands are sparsely populated. I hear many European stations operating there, but it is often the same stations over and over.

The NAQCC web site is and you can find out more information about the challenges and other club activities by clicking on the links to the left.

One of the co-founders of the NAQCC is K3WWP. John has an incredible streak going in which he has made at least one QRP CW QSO every day since August 5, 1994. His web site is here: