Blue Jackets news

We are in the midst of yet another disappointing off-season for the Blue Jackets who are watching while the Stanley Cup Playoffs proceed. A number of assistant coaches have left and will need to be replaced before next season.

The big buzz currently relates to the fact that there are serious negotiations in progress to move the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnepeg. This would move a team from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference, and would necessitate moving one of the existing Western Conference teams over to the Eastern Conference.

There are two western teams in the Eastern time zone, Columbus and Detroit. These are considered to be the two candidates for the move, and many observers think Columbus is the most likely mover. This would make selling tickets easier as the Jackets would have more games against teams like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Philadelphia, etc. rather than far western teams such as Edmonton, Calgary and Phoenix.

Nashville seems like a possible candidate to move into the Southeast division to replace Atlanta. But they are in the Central time zone, and some observers say the Eastern time zone teams (DET and CBJ) are more likely to be chosen.


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