A Mid-November Update

After a disappointing home loss to Mississippi State 28-16 on the last football Saturday in October, there was a bit of hope in Mudville on November 5 as Kentucky picked up its first SEC win of the year, 30-13 over Ole Miss. But then going on the road last Saturday the Cats were beaten badly by Vanderbilt 38-8. Kentucky doesn’t look like a threat to win in Athens this Saturday against a surging Georgia team. But they wrap up the season in Lexington against Tennessee. The Cats will be looking to end a long losing streak against the Vols. We’d have something to cheer about for the year with a win in that game.

Ohio State picked up a couple nice home wins against Wisconsin (a top-ten team for much of the year) and Indiana. But then the Bucks traveled to West Lafayette and were beaten in overtime. The final home game of the season is this Saturday vs. Penn State. Then the Bucks travel to Ann Arbor. Believe it or not, it is still possible for OSU to tie for a divisional championship. It would require winning out, Illinois beating Wisconsin this Saturday, then Wisconsin beating Penn State in their final game.

Basketball season has started just fine for all the teams I follow. I anticipated coaching and general management changes for the Blue Jackets by now, but haven’t seen it. The team still has won only 3 games, with not a single one on the road.

The ham bands continue to be generally good with the high sunspot counts we have had recently.


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