A couple nice wins for the ladies

Today’s Louisville-Kentucky women’s matchup looked on paper to be close. But the Cats took control mid-way through the first half and held on for a 74-54 win. This series has seen a lot of routs lately. Kentucky lost in Louisville by 26 last year, and the Cats won big the previous time they played in Lexington.

The Ohio State women traveled to Oklahoma and beat the Sooners by 6 this afternoon. Good road win against a traditional power team.

I operated for five hours in the 10-Meter RTTY contest this weekend. Made 119 QSOs running about 50 watts. It’s a fun contest since no one is allowed to use more than 100 watts. We often have some sporadic-E (short skip) this time of year, but I didn’t observe any this weekend. But I did have some good runs of Europeans and stations in the western-US. Could not work any of the Japanese stations, but did have some South Africans call me.


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