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R.I.P. Joe Paterno

January 22, 2012

I’ve never followed Penn State but as a college football fan I always had a lot of respect for Joe Paterno. Recent events at PSU have been sad and I hope justice will be served.

The Kentucky men will likely move up to #1 in the polls as Syracuse finally lost a game yesterday, at Notre Dame, 67-58. The only remaining unbeaten team is Murray State from the western part of the Bluegrass state.

How fun must it be to be a Florida State fan after routing North Carolina then going to Duke and ending a long home winning streak by the Devils.

The Ohio State men had no trouble in Lincoln last night. I am thinking maybe Missouri will be ranked #2 coming off a big win at Baylor 89-88. That would put Ohio State at #3.

The Kentucky women are alone atop the SEC as the only unbeaten team. The Cats host Florida this afternoon in what could be a trap game as UK has already beaten the Gators in Gainesville.

The Ohio State women have looked good since the loss to Michigan and will play host to Illinois today.

January options expiration

January 22, 2012

My January 30 calls on GIS were exercised which closed out the short position in the shares. It was a break-even proposition.

My January 25 calls on ORCL were exercised so I am now long the shares. I paid 7.27 for the calls but my effective basis in the shares is 25.00. This is a losing position currently (if you don’t count premiums received on calls written) but I am happy to hold ORCL at these levels.

My January 35 calls on JWM were exercised which closed out the short position in the shares. Loss on the position was 28 cents which was the time premium in effect when the calls were purchased. (The intrinsic value of the calls and the profit on the short sale offset). This does not include premium received on call writes. Those profits have already been recorded.

The January 17.50 calls I wrote on GE were assigned so my long position was called away. Profit on the written calls was 0.85 and on the common was 0.56 for a total of 1.41.

Last but not least, I had written Jan 60 calls on WLT so the stock was called away. Profit on the calls was 1.58 and on the common was .43 for a total of 2.01.

To summarize what remains: I am holding long positions in MET, TEVA, ORCL and YHOO with the intent to write covered calls on these. I expect all four to move higher and will wait until they do so before selling calls.

I have a call calendar spread on MSFT, long January 2013 20-strike calls and short February 28 calls.

Logbook of The World

January 16, 2012

I have finally begun using Logbook of The World (LoTW). This system, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), allows hams to upload their station logs for comparison with other participants. When a contact that you claim with another station is verified by comparison with the other station’s log, the contact is usable for ARRL awards. Ordinarily, a paper QSL card would be required. Those are getting expensive to collect, and so LoTW allows for award hunting without postal expense.

The Blue Jackets returned home and got their first win under interim coach Todd Richards Friday night, a 4-3 decision over Phoenix. But, the following night saw another 2-1 loss to San Jose. Two more home games are coming up this week.

The Kentucky women beat Tennessee in Lexington Thursday night, then traveled to Columbia and came from behind to beat South Carolina today. So, the Cats are the only team still unbeaten in SEC play. After beating Northwestern Thursday night, the Ohio State women traveled to East Lansing and beat Michigan State this afternoon.

The Kentucky men played Tennessee as well and won in Knoxville Saturday. The Ohio State men blew out Indiana today, avenging an earlier loss in Bloomington.

Arniel fired

January 12, 2012

Scott Arniel was fired Monday as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Todd Richards has taken over as interim coach. Since my last post, the only CBJ wins were at Dallas on December 29th (4-1, the first regulation win on the road this season) and a 1-0 win in Los Angeles last Saturday night (first shutout of the season). Steve Mason has been miserable in goal. Curtis Sanford has been OK but not great.

The OSU men’s team had two tough road losses at Indiana and Illinois, and are in sixth place in the conference with a record of 3-2. The Kentucky men beat Louisville 69-62 (a team which has since completely collapsed) and faces Auburn in a few minutes in the SEC.

The Ohio State women finally lost a game, a 73-62 setback in Ann Arbor. So the Bucks are 2-1 in the conference. The Kentucky women lost at Middle Tennessee, but have since gone 3-0 in conference play. The Cats host Tennessee Thursday night.

The up-trending stock market has turned a lot of people bullish. I’m not doing much in the way of new buying, and have taken some profits in this rally.

I have gotten setup  for JT-65, a fairly new and popular digital mode being used on the ham bands. It is a very slow-speed mode (it takes about 6 minutes for two stations to exchange call signs and signal reports). But the low data rate means that it is tolerant of low signal-to-noise ratio environments. It is possible to make contacts with JT-65 that are impossible with other modes.

I’m continuing to have fun with D-Star, the new digital-voice mode in amateur radio. We have an excellent set of repeaters here which are maintained by an enthusiastic group of local hams. If you are active on D-Star, get in touch with me and we will try a QSO sometime.

I operated for 13 hours in the ARRL RTTY “Roundup” contest over the weekend, making 367 contacts. My power output was between 50-70 watts.