Losses for the ladies

After wins over Florida, Auburn, Alabama and Ole Miss, the Kentucky women lost their first conference game this afternoon in Baton Rogue to LSU. I didn’t get to see the game, but the Tigers are tall while the Cats are not. Next up is a visit to Knoxville, where Tennessee will be looking to avenge their one-point loss to Kentucky in Lexington in January. Kentucky is still one game ahead of the Vols in the loss column. If they can sneak out with a win, they restore their 2-game lead. Otherwise we have a tie.

After beating Illinois and Indiana, the Ohio State women traveled to Minneapolis last weekend and lost to the Gophers. Nebraska, Purdue and Ohio State all have two losses in the conference. The Buckeyes will play both of those teams one more time so the standings will likely change quite a bit before the regular season ends.


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