Elite 8

Ohio State made the Elite 8 with an 81-66 win over Cincinnati Thursday night. The Bucks will play Syracuse this evening.

Kentucky beat Indiana last night in a high-scoring but close affair. The Cats face Baylor tomorrow.

Of my Final Four picks, I have only lost Michigan State after their puzzling loss to Louisville Thursday night.

In the regional finals I see it as being a tough call between Florida and Louisville. Obviously if you get this far in the tournament you are playing well. Could be a fairly fast-paced game.

Syracuse is playing better than I expected in the tournament and are perfectly capable of beating my Buckeyes. I had expected the Orange to lose to Wisconsin, but their defense was much better than I thought.

Tomorrow, I don’t see Baylor having enough defensive intensity to give Kentucky any trouble. And I think North Carolina’s narrow win over Ohio proves they miss their injured point guard. So I look for the Jayhawks to advance.

The Kentucky women will play Gonzaga Sunday night in the Kingston regional.

The Kentucky baseball team finally lost a game at Tennessee last night. So the win streak stops at 22. Hopefully the Cats can rebound and win a game or two before leaving Knoxville.



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