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National champions

April 4, 2012

In the Final Four, Kentucky beat Louisville 69-61 then Kansas 67-59 to earn the school’s eighth national championship. The total is second only to UCLA which has 11.

In the other national semifinal, Ohio State had 13-point leads over Kansas on multiple occasions but ended up losing by 2. Kansas had come from behind in just about every game they played in the tournament. Their defense wears teams down as the game goes on.

The Kentucky women were defeated pretty handily by Connecticut in the Elite 8. Baylor ended up national champions with a 40-0 season.

The Kentucky baseball team won 2-of-3 at Georgia and are currently ranked #1 in the country in at least one poll.

With basketball season now over, I may not post here as often. But I will try to round up interesting news when I can.