Card Checking

One of the great innovations of the last few years for the American Radio Relay League award programs is the establishment of a system of volunteer “card checkers”. These hams can examine QSL cards that you are submitting to apply for an award to verify that they a valid. This prevents hams from having to ship their precious cards to ARRL headquarters for checking.

With a fair amount of time on my hands this Spring, I finally got a chance to get caught up on some award applications. On the VHF bands, there are awards for confirming various numbers of “grid squares” (based on the Maidenhead Locator System ). On 6 meters (50 MHz) I have confirmed 262 grids, more than enough for the first level of VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club). On the HF (shortwave) bands, I have a bunch of QSL cards confirming foreign countries on various bands.

Matt, AA4XA who lives near Ashland is a card checker for DXCC. He welcomed me into his home in early June and checked a bunch of cards for me. He then signed the application and mailed it to the ARRL. For VUCC, Ed, N4HID who lives in Bowling Green is a card checker. A couple Sundays ago, Ed was in Shelbyville for a picnic. He was kind enough to meet me and check my cards. The VUCC application was then mailed to ARRL Headquarters.

When the ARRL completes processing the applications, I will be able to apply for several DXCC awards. For VUCC the League will send me a certificate, and then applications for future milestones will be handled online (with most confirmations via Logbook of The World).


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