Meteor Scatter

I’ve always been fascinated by meteor scatter, the act of using meteor trails to reflect VHF/UHF radio signals. But although I’ve been a licensed ham for decades I had never tried it until recently.

In researching it a bit, I found that in this day and age it is common to use special digital transmission modes for meteor scatter. In order to draw many hams together at the same time, “Random Hours” have been scheduled for Saturday morning. The term “random” refers to the fact that you can work stations without making special arrangements in advance.

I have been active on 6-meter meteor scatter on recent Saturday mornings. I made a contact with a station using the “ISCAT” mode, but I am not sure whether it was actually via meteor scatter. I have heard other stations but have made no other QSOs. There are certain times of the year in which meteor activity increases, and so I expect to have better results then.

The software virtually everybody uses is Joe Taylor’s excellent WSJT. It is free and supports a number of different digital modes that are excellent for use with meteor scatter. It can be downloaded here: This web site also hosts a chat room that is commonly used by meteor scatter operators.


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