The 30 Meter Digital Group

This November, the 30 Meter Digital Group will celebrate it’s fifth anniversary. This worldwide club (for which there is no dues) has the goal of promoting the use of the 30-meter amateur band (10.100 to 10.150 MHz). This band is ignored by a lot of hams, because voice communications are not permitted in the United States. But Morse Code and all manner of digital modes can be used there.

30MDG has a web site ( and a Yahoo group. To me the most interesting part of the club is its extensive awards program. You do not need QSL cards to apply for awards. The certificates confirming your accomplishments are e-mailed to you. They are beautiful and are well worth printing for your wall or certificate book.

In addition, if you use a computer to keep your logs, you don’t need to do any work to determine the awards for which you qualify. A freeware program called “U30” can be downloaded and installed on your computer. This program examines your log (in the form of an ADIF file) and tells you what you have won! You merely push a button to send an application for your award(s) to the manager(s) that handle them. When time permits the awards manager sends you your certificate.

I’ve already received the following awards from about 4 years of casual operation on 30 meters:

30 contacts

50 members of 30MDG

100 members of 30MDG

10 European entities

28 European entities

10 CQ Zones

50 contacts with duration of 15 minutes or more

15 ITU Zones

100 prefixes

8 Caribbean entities

30 QRP contacts

50 DXCC countries

“WISE” (QSOs with Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England)

As time goes by, I will run the U30 program again and see what additional awards I have earned.


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