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A break in the weather

July 15, 2012

As we hit the mid-point of July, the extreme heat has left here, and we are getting some much needed rain. I’ve had about two inches of rain in the last 8 days. We had several days with high temperatures from 105-110 F, but we’re in a more normal weather pattern now.

I have uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures of the shack, with descriptive information. Start your tour  here

The first week in July, I had the good fortune to get a “clean sweep” of the “13 Colonies”. Hams set up special stations in each of the 13 original colonies, and many of us try to make contact with all 13. This is the second year in a row that I’ve gotten a sweep.

Yesterday was the IARU HF World Championships. In 2010, I finished in the Top Ten in the US and Canada in my operating class. I missed this contest in 2011. This year, I made more contacts and probably have about twice as many points as in 2010. But the final standings will depend on everyone else, and band conditions were pretty good this year.