Basketball tomorrow!

Basketball season starts tomorrow, and the four teams I follow play either tomorrow or Saturday.

The Ohio State teams are in Charleston, South Carolina to play on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. I thought the idea of the carrier games was to entertain active-duty troops. But I understand the Yorktown is retired and  permanently kept in Charleston. The OSU men are ranked 4th in both major pre-season polls and take on Marquette. The women are ranked 19th in one poll and 21st in another, and take on Notre Dame which is in the top 10.

The Kentucky men travel to Brooklyn to take on Maryland. The Cats are #3 in both major polls. The women are ranked either 6th or 7th and will play Delaware State on Saturday.

In football, you’ve probably heard that Kentucky has fired Joker Phillips, although he will coach the remaining two games. The Cats are 1-9 this season. With the cold and rainy autumn weather, less than 19,000 people showed up for Vanderbilt’s 40-0 rout of  the Cats last Saturday in Commonwealth Stadium.

Ohio State continues undefeated but due to probation will not be going to a bowl game nor to the Big Ten Championship Game. The Bucks had to go to overtime to beat Purdue.

There have been some long meetings between the NHL and the NHL Players Association, so hope springs eternal that part of the hockey season may be salvaged. It wasn’t that long ago, though, that a labor dispute caused cancellation of the entire season.




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