Christmas Activities

Bonnie and I have been particularly active this month doing “Christmas things”. It’s fun to get out and about and celebrate the season.

For lights, we always visit “Southern Lights” at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. After doing the “drive through” of the displays of millions of lights, there are indoor exhibits to see, including extensive model railroads provided by the Bluegrass Railroad Club, and a petting zoo. Videos of these are here:

I was not aware of it, but there is a giant cavern under the city of Louisville called, not surprisingly, the “MegaCavern”. It is the location for “Lights Under Louisville” which is also an extensive display of Christmas lights.

It’s been a big month for house tours for us as well. A couple that lives on Chinoe Road in Lexington has thrilled local residents with their decorations for years. But this year they also opened their home for tours in support of the Foster Care Council of Lexington.

This past Saturday we traveled to nearby Versailles, Kentucky for a Christmas Open House. Six homes, three historic and three modern were all opened for tours in support of a charity that supplies shoes to needy children.

To all readers, please accept my best wishes for a joyous holiday season!


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