A Couple of Routs

The Kentucky men were hoping to be able to continue to be competitive without Nerlens Noel. But the Cats traveled to Knoxville Saturday and lost 88-58 to a mediocre Tennessee team. Kentucky fans can only take comfort in the knowledge that the crop of freshmen coming in next year should be excellent.

On Sunday, Ohio State had a disasterous visit to the Kohl Center in Madison. The Badgers won 71-49, avenging an earlier loss to the Buckeyes in Columbus.

Both teams are out of the running for conference championships. Florida has a two-game lead over Alabama in the SEC, and Indiana and Michigan State have two-game leads over Michigan and Wisconsin.

The Blue Jackets have had a rough start to their 6-game road trip, with a 2-1 loss in Los Angeles and a 5-3 loss in Phoenix.


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