Congratulations, Sam!

I had the pleasure of being in the Schottenstein Center August 4th as my oldest nephew Sam graduated cum laude with honors from Ohio State. His degree is in anthropology and history. He plans to do anthropological research later in the year and then go on to graduate school. Congratulations, Sam!

It has been a cooler than normal and wetter than normal summer here, which is a nice contrast to last summer when we had a stretch of several days with temperatures over 100 F.

The cooler temperatures have allowed me to make good progress on the solar-power system I mentioned. Here is a video where I show the system:

In addition to using it to recharge the battery on my lawn mower, I power a number of other things as well.

I got to spend several days this month working on the Aetna & Baker City, the HO scale model railroad that my brother obtained after its builder passed away. I will be putting some new video up on YouTube this week. Watch this space for a link.


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