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Mid-Summer Update

July 19, 2014

I’m not much of a soccer fan, though I do admire the sport. So, I didn’t start watching the World Cup until the US played Belgium. I have friends in Germany so I didn’t mind seeing them win it all.

The past Wednesday, Bonnie and I had to say goodbye to a good friend, BW, KJ4EDR. He died last Saturday and was buried Wednesday. Rest in peace old friend!

The Lexington Police switched their radio communications to encrypted P25 digital in early June. That ended many decades of being able to listen to them on VHF FM analog. I shut down the feed I had been providing to It had been very popular, especially when there were celebrations around campus when UK won big basketball games.

I hadn’t been able to do much ham radio stuff this year until the last month or so. I operated Field Day from home as usual, running 5 watts using battery power. For the fourth year in-a-row, I completed a “sweep” of the “13 Original Colonies” special event. I operated the IARU HF contest last Saturday as usual. This year the World Radiosport Team Championship was held as part of the IARU contest. The US took the gold medal, Slovakia the silver, and Germany the bronze.

For July, the North American QRP CW Club challenge is to make 20 5-watt CW contact on the WARC bands (30,17 and 12). I have 14 of them in the log as of this writing.