Big Ten Pitiful

After a fairly decent week 1, week 2 of Big Ten football was pretty poor.

Ohio State lost its first home opener since 1978, as Virginia Tech rallied late to break a 21-21 tie and win 35-21. Obviously there was a lot of concern about the quarterback position with Braxton Miller being lost for the season. But I would say that the defense is more of an issue. The Hokies gained 320 yards, including 199 through the air. With some new seating having been added to Ohio Stadium, a record crowd watched the defeat.

I would have expected the Michigan-Notre Dame game to be close, but the Irish shut out the Wolves 31-0. Michigan State had a tough trip to Oregon and had some success against the Ducks for awhile before losing 46-27. The Spartans are still probably the best team in the Big Ten. Nebraska needed a last-minute touchdown to beat McNeese State. Purdue was routed by visiting Central Michigan, and Northwestern lost to Northern Illinois.

Kentucky has started 2-0 with wins over UT-Martin and Ohio. SEC play starts Saturday night in Gainesville and it will be interesting to see if the Cats will be competitive against the big boys.

I recently joined a new radio club, the Columbus Radio Enthusiasts Society ARC. It is general club that has its roots in the original club for Bell System employees back when Western Electric had a big operation in Columbus. They have an excellent ragchew net on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET which can be accessed via Echolink node 782142. There web site is here:

A project that I have been working on lately is to consolidate all my music into iTunes and the Amazon Music Library. I have purchased a lot of digital music through Amazon, and just decided to use their Music Library system to store everything. I have uploaded all my CDs, and have begun digitizing my vinyl records. I have over 2100 songs uploaded with more to come.



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