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Lexington Radio Shacks

February 9, 2015

I went out this morning to “make the rounds” of the local Radio Shacks, looking for clearance sales. Here is what I’ve found out. This may be old news to a lot of you as even WLAP Radio is reporting about the local Radio Shacks.

There are 5 stores in Lexington according to the Radio Shack web site:

West New Circle Road next to WalMart – not closing, no clearance sale.

Eastland Shopping Center – not closing, no clearance sale.

Hamburg – closing. Entire store is 30-70% off. Most items are 40% off. I spent about $50 today. As of this morning, this store is pretty well stocked so if there is a particular item or items you want, this store may well have it.

Most of you are familiar with the “parts drawers” where they keep small parts (resistors, capacitors, connectors, light bulbs, etc). I opened every single drawer. Still pretty good stock.

Since Hamburg was so well stocked I did not continue on to Fayette Mall or the store on Nichols Park and Man O’ War. But I understand both of those stores are closing.

I’m not an expert in commercial real estate but it looks to me like it is the “high rent” stores that are closing. Over here in my neighborhood (the low-rent side of town) we’re still good-to-go :-).

The man working at Hamburg is the assistant manager at the store in Richmond. He says that store is staying open. The Nicholasville store is closing or has already closed.