March Wrapup

It looks like winter has finally left us. I think we probably had over 30 inches of snow vs. a normal of about 12. A 17-inch snowfall on March 5th was a big chunk of that. As I type this we’ve had about 4 1/2 inches of rain in storms over the last couple days. Flooding is a problem in a lot of places around the state.

Lexington GlobalTuner #2 is back online after an absence of several months. The serial interface between the controlling computer and the IC-706 had failed and had to be replaced. You can visit here:

With last night’s come-from-behind shootout win over the Islanders, the Blue Jackets have won 8 in-a-row. So, it looks like Columbus will finish above .500 but out of the playoffs. One can only hope that they will pick up where they left off when the new season starts in October.

For several years I read articles for the DX Audio Service, a monthly audio magazine sponsored by the National Radio Club. After producing the magazine for 30 years, Fred Vobbe is stepping down as editor. We’ll all miss the publication, but Fred deserves a lot of credit for spending thousands of hours in production of something that informed and entertained radio DXers, including many who are vision-impaired.


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