Football Update

Kentucky is 4-3 as of this writing. All games this season had been close until Saturday night’s 42-16 loss at Mississippi State. Kentucky gave Florida a good game before losing 14-9. So the long losing streak to the Gators continues. The Cats’ 21-13 win over visiting Missouri was the first defeat of a ranked opponent in quite some time.

Kentucky needs two more wins to be bowl eligible. I still think this team can do better than last year’s 5-7 record. The tackling is better, and the offense seems smoother and more productive. Running backs like Boom Williams can rack up a lot of yards, and the passing game can too.

Ohio State is still undefeated and ranked #1. Some consider the start to the season to have been a bit slow with close games over inferior opponents. It has taken awhile for the quarterback situation to settle out, but the Bucks have looked better in recent weeks. Michigan and Michigan State are the B1G teams that can cause trouble for the Buckeyes.


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