The Win Streak Is Over

The Ohio State football 23-game win streak ended Saturday as the Michigan State Spartans visited Ohio Stadium and left with a 17-14 victory. One could certainly question the Buckeyes’ play calling. The thing that surprised me the most was that OSU didn’t seem to want to throw the football. Michigan State’s defense is good. But they have given up a lot of points in some games this season. On the other hand, Ohio State has not really looked dominant in what had been a fairly weak schedule up till Saturday.

The Bucks could get back into the playoff picture, but the chances of it seem fairly remote. Coming up Saturday is the annual Big Game with Michigan. The Wolverines are better than they’ve been in years under new coach Jim Harbaugh. UM might have the best defense in the Big Ten.

In another embarrassment, the Ohio State men lost at home to Texas-Arlington Friday night, 73-68. But, the Bucks are not the only team to have been upset in an early-season game.

The Blue Jackets picked up a nice shutout win over Nashville Friday night. This was bracketed by losses to Ottawa and San Jose.

Kentucky won a football game for the first time in weeks, knocking off an over-matched Charlotte team. The Cats play Louisville Saturday. A win evens their record at 6-6, and makes UK bowl-eligible for the first time in the Stoops era.



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