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A Program In Turmoil

May 5, 2016

I hope all readers had a good April. We had our usual mix of warm and cold weather. On about the last icy day of the winter, my girlfriend slipped on some ice on her porch and broke her ankle. She had to have surgery to rebuild it, and won’t be able to put weight on it until at least June. Fortunately, her recovery is going well.

I haven’t made a lot of ham radio contacts recently, but I have posted a bunch of radio-related videos on YouTube. Check out my channel:

Note that there are a bunch of videos demonstrating antique radios in my collection. There is also a program I gave on the history of the Zenith Trans-Oceanic to the Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society. Also, our QRP club (KY-QRP) had a field event at a park in Frankfort that was well attended.

Another excellent NCAA tournament went into the books. Obviously, Villanova’s basket as time expired made for an exciting championship game.

The Kentucky women’s basketball program has had a lot of success lately under coach Matthew Mitchell, who is now the program’s winningest coach. But last autumn saw the beginning of what has turned out to be a mass exodus of players, assistant coaches and recruits. The article below details it all. A couple of popular assistant coaches have been hired back in the hope of rebuilding the program. Only time will tell if more departures will occur.