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Closing Out The Spring

June 20, 2016

My girlfriend is starting to make some progress in recovering from her broken ankle and surgery. Her incision got infected but the infection seems to have cleared up. And, she developed a blood clot in her lung from being so sedentary during her recovery. They got the clot to dissipate fairly quickly. She is currently in physical therapy, and they say she is doing well. I’ve been making a lot of trips to her house to ferry her around to various medical appointments.

I don’t follow the NBA but I’m only too happy to enjoy the Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship. The Cleveland minor-league hockey team is the Lake Erie Monsters, and they won the Calder Cup this year. They are affiliated with the Columbus Blue Jackets. So it’s been a big year in northeastern Ohio.

The Kentucky women’s team has been bringing in some new assistant coaches in an attempt to rebuild after all the departures. The Kentucky men seem to be in some epic recruiting battles against Duke (and other teams). They win some and lose some.

The summer brings band openings on six meters, and I have made some nice contacts. Otherwise, the ham bands in general have not been that good. Saturday, there was an antique radio show and a hamfest in Cincinnati. I attended both with a friend of mine. My main acquisition was parts. So many, that it will take hours to sort them.